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On January 27th, Governor Greg Abbott gave a speech to the March for Life in Austin to talk about the success of the pro-life movement and all the legislative victories in the Texas House. The March for Life was a massive success and was blessed with good weather, even though the forecast was not favorable for that day.

The groups that attended the march included many from the Catholic Church, Knights of Saint John, Orthodox Church, many Protestant groups and many pro-life organizations. The attendance was astounding and many people who believe in the value of life came to Austin to show their support for such an important issue that plagues not just Texas, but the entire country. Watch as you see many people, young and old, male and female, march for life.

One of the highlights of the march was Governor Abbot’s speech. In the speech, the governor enshrined his commitment to the pro-life cause and to protecting as many unborn babies across Texas as possible. He proclaimed “life is a joyful gift” and “together, all of us can work towards the day, where the dignity and humanity of every life is protected.” It is very important that Abbott recognizes the importance of human life and that it is his role as governor to protect life. Abbott recognizes that life has intrinsic value and defending life is one of his chief roles as a Governor.

Abbott also proclaimed that under his leadership, Texas has become a “national leader in defending innocent life.” He proved this by citing that “the number of abortions in Texas dropped by 912 over the previous year.” He also outlined the legislative achievements of the Texas legislature.

In 2011, legislation was passed requiring doctors to perform a sonogram, make the heartbeat of the fetus audible and show images of the fetus 24 hours before an abortion is performed. Last year, Abbott signed many bills during the legislative session and special session. Among these was one requiring a woman to pay a separate health insurance premium to get coverage for non-emergency abortions and banning second trimester dilation and evacuation abortion.

These types of laws that defend life is exactly what politicians should be doing and Governor Abbott is a model Conservative for pushing for them. He is someone that cares deeply for life and understands that it is the role of government to defend it. Furthermore, he passes laws that are within the role of the Government. This is important in an age of many bills that are passed around the country that have nothing to do with the role of government.  Because of this and his defense of life, Governor Abbott has the endorsement of iVoteTexas and we support him for his reelection.


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