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On February 22nd, Senator Ted Cruz gave a speech at CPAC in which he talked about the 2nd amendment and Democrats trying to take gun rights away from law-abiding Americans, among other things.

Cruz first talked about how the Democrats want to strip away the guns of law abiding citizens. He quoted Diane Feinstein as saying “If I can say Mr. America, Ms. America give me your guns, I will.” This is in response to many Democrats and CNN talking about gun confiscation after the Florida shooting. As proof of this, he cited the roaring applause on the CNN town hall with Dana Loesch and Senator Marco Rubio once gun confiscation was suggested.

He then went on to talk about how the only solution Democrats ever present is stripping gun rights away from law aiding citizens. This is of course true, and Democrats refuse to even listen or consider any other proposal. When the Democratic Senator of Alabama, Doug Jones was asked if he would consider arming the teachers, he responded by saying the question is dumb and he would never consider it. This shows how unwilling Democrats are to discuss any solutions besides the ones they propose.

Cruz went on to attack gun control by citing that the cities with the largest amount of gun control such as Chicago and Washington DC have the highest amount of gun crimes. Furthermore, he then said that if you want to see crime rates sour, disarm civilians because criminals love disarmed civilians.

He then went on to say if you really want to stop crime, then go after criminals harshly and put them in jail. After being asked about if Cruz supports Trumps idea to allow teachers to arm themselves, Cruz replied that he would be in favor of letting teachers arm themselves that specifically want to do it.

He then said that after a tragedy happens, there is often a push to do something without ever acknowledging what the something is. This is very true and is seen almost every day. Many of the kids from the school shooting and Democratic politicians keep screaming that something needs to be done. However, they propose nothing short of a full gun confiscation.

The senator then goes on to explain that he has been fighting Democrats for on gun control ever since he became a senator. One of the ways he helped fight them was by introducing the Grassley-Cruz bill.

This Bill increased the resources available to prosecutors for violators of gun laws. It also sought to increase safety of schools, give extra funding to school security, keep guns out of the ands of the mentally ill and increased the accountability for prosecutors at the executive level by requiring the Department of Justice to submit reports to congress.

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However, Senator Harry Reid filibustered the bill even though it had large bi-partisan support and it went died without the needed 60 votes. Cruz goes on to mention how this bill could’ve saved many kids who had been killed in school shootings by having more cops and security guards at schools.

The topic then shifted to the FBI and if agencies like it have competence do to the FBI’s failure of reporting two incidents of the Florida Shooter to the local police department. Cruz admitted that the FBI had many red flags about the Florida Shooter, yet failed to act on the information. He then went on to talk about the shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas, that shot up a local church.

He said that the problem was that the Air-Force did not submit to any databases that crimes of the Texas Church shooter and that his bill would have made them do that. The shooter also put on his background check when buying a gun that he was not a felon and had never been convicted of a crime; both of which is a felony. In 2010, 48,000 fugitives tried to buy guns, the Obama administration only prosecuted 44 of them. This is the same inefficient government hat wants to take gun rights away.

If the Cruz-Grassley Bill would have passed, the Texas shooter would have been caught trying to illegal buy a gun and would have been in prison before he could have ever shot up that church. Senator Ted Cruz stands for the guns rights of not just Texans, but all Americans. He introduces real policies to stop murderers and does not infringe on the rights of law-abiding Americans. He is exactly the type of conservatives the US needs.


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