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On February 8th, Senator Ted Cruz voted to pass the non-partisan budget bill. Many have been critical of this bill including Senator Rand Paul and Ben Shapiro. Here are some excerpts of the Senator’s statement regarding the vote taken directly from his website.

“After much consideration, I will reluctantly vote for this legislation. This bill contains major victories; if hurricane relief and restoring vital defense spending were the only elements of this bill, I would be supporting it energetically and enthusiastically. Unfortunately—in addition to funding those critical priorities—this bill also unnecessarily balloons the deficit.

Since Hurricane Harvey’s landfall in August, I have worked tirelessly with Senator Cornyn, Governor Abbott, the Texas congressional delegation, and dozens of local mayors, county judges, and police and fire chiefs up and down the coast to identify and meet the needs of impacted Texans, who in many cases lost everything. Today, we follow through on our promise to give Texans the next significant package of emergency assistance we need to recover and come back stronger than ever.

Meaningful hurricane relief and rebuilding our military both represent major victories for Texans, and I am grateful we were able to get them accomplished.

Unfortunately, the Democrats and the Washington establishment tied these critical measures to legislation that busts the non-defense budget cap by over $130 billion and irresponsibly suspends the debt limit to allow unfettered spending for yet another year. This is wrong. It is cynical. And it’s a bad deal for American taxpayers.”

Senator Rand Paul has been very critical of the bill and worked to delay it. He is accusing Republicans of blowing up the deficit while disguising it under bipartisanship.

“I can’t in all good honesty, in all good faith, just look the other way because my party is now complicit in the deficits. What you’re seeing is recklessness trying to be passed off as bipartisanship,”

Ben Shapiro attacked the Tea Party for not standing up to the bill.

“The problem is if the Tea Party does not stand up to bad government spending on both sides, they’re going to be accused of simply being anti-Obama as opposed to being principled. So they should be standing up to this budget deal which is a garbage budget deal.”

Estimates show that the new budget deal will spend up to 3 trillion dollars.


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