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Texas State University is making headlines after two questionable Instagram posts from student body president Connor Clegg surfaced. Hundreds of students want Clegg to step down from his role as class president because of the racially charged remarks that have received attention.

But hold on, there’s more to this story. The photos that have been brought to light are both from 2014, that he took during a trip. It is important to realize that these photos were posted before he entered college. In one of the photos two Asian men are in the background and he uses hashtags like #pearlharborwasbad, #asianfellows, and #gottheirass. In the second photo, he made a collage of nuns walking and used hashtags like #idcloisterthatass and #holybooty.

Now, I want to make it very clear, that I do not condone his comments in any way. However, as someone who hasn’t been out of high school very long, I can assure you that this behavior is nothing new. High schoolers and college kids made dumb remarks and comments all day long. Sometimes my generation screws up and makes a bad judgement when posting to social media. I know I have and I can assure you most high school and college aged people will agree.

I believe that when you are a teenager it is okay to mess up and make silly mistakes. There is no other way to learn. The students protesting Clegg need to step back and ask themselves if they’ve ever made a bad post. The answer will be yes 9/10 times. Another thing to remember is that no one has life planned out at 18. Clegg is now 22 years old and this will likely continue to haunt him. This is a reminder to every young person out there to be careful with social media.

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