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My interview with Kyle Kashuv at the NRA convention.

John: Kyle, tell me why you’re here at the NRA convention and why the NRA is important.

Kyle: It’s honestly an amazing experience. I have never been to a gun convention before, but I am very I happy I went to one. I got to see the president and the VP speak. It’s nothing like I have seen before. The VP speech was absolutely amazing. The president’s speech was insane. People here are amazing. It’s an overall awesome time.

John: I agree, there is a lot of cool people here, a lot of cool celebrities. Have you met any people of note so far?

Kyle: I have met a munch, there are so many. Everyone I have met is absolutely amazing. The truly most outstanding person is Dana Loesch. Hands down the nicest most caring person. She honestly is unreal.

John: That’s great. I want to talk about the 2nd Amendment a little bit. Why is the 2nd amendment important?

Kyle: The 2nd Amendment is the one amendment that makes sure that all the other amendments are protected. Without is, the government starts to become tyrannical and I have see this personally. I got interrogated for going to a gun range. It really showed to me how quickly this level of interrogation can turn to tyranny. The 2nd Amendment is absolutely the fundamental right of every person to defend themselves. We have seen that every government sucks.

John: When it comes to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we treat every amendment as an absolute, we don’t try to skirt around it. Why do you think we try t do that for the 2nd amendment though?

Kyle: I don’t think the 2nd amendment is respected as much as it should be. Freedom of speech is cherished and people understand how amazing it is. However, not a lot of people understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment. I think part of the fault lies within our education system. It doesn’t value the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as much as it should.

John: Right, when I was in high school, they would teach American history, but not about our political institutions, where they come from, what they mean. Is that something you ever learned in your high school? Did they ever talk about that?

Kyle: No. They don’t teach any of that. We learned about the political process, we leaned about history. I think in some respect, it is the job of the school to teach the political process, it is also the responsibility of everyone to teach themselves. As Jordan Peterson says, you cannot have rights without responsibility. In order to have rights, it always gets paired up with responsibilities. Responsibility is an absolute necessity. You are given this amazing right, but you have the responsibility to educate yourself on how to utilize that right.

John: Here in the US when we carry out our rights to their fullest potential as much as we can, but not the 2nd Amendment. If we should carry it out to its full potential, would you support constitutional carry?

Kyle: The logic and the facts supporting that is tremendous on the pro-side. The policy that is trying to get pushed now is on a national scale, you can carry a firearm whenever you want. I think that is a good thing. There is no reason why it should not be allowed. It is statistically shown that they save way more people than they hurt. People should be able to defend themselves wherever they are in America. You should have the ability to defend yourself and your family no matter what state you live in.

John: Thank you very much Kyle, do you have anything else you think is important or does not get said enough?

Kyle: Here’s what I think. Even on the other side, I just want people to be educated. I feel like if you do educate yourself, you come to the republican side. I think emotions drive the left and facts drive the right. I think you have to make sure that even if you are talking to a peer who is a Democrat, you treat them with respect and show them facts. If they truly want the best policy then they would look at all the facts. Everyone likes to do something that makes them feel good, but if the policy proposal you are pushing doesn’t make an actual change, then why are you pushing it?

John: Where can people find you if they want to know more about you?

Kyle: Twitter and Instagram.

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