John Douglas is a Senior Correspondent for and . Majoring in political science and minoring in National Security, John uses his writing to enshrine the founding ideals of the U.S. and western values. John is working to extend his skills beyond writing by becoming an orator of conservatism through videos and debate.

In the 2nd District of Texas, Congressman Ted Poe has decided he will not be running for election. Since then, five Democrats are running for the position and nine Republicans.  iVoteTexas endorses Daniel Crenshaw for the position.


Crenshaw is a former Navy Seal and has served this country in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2006 to 2016. While being deployed to Iraq, he lost his right eye in an IED explosion. He now wears an eye-patch. He attended Tufts University and received a bachelor’s degree in international affairs.


When it comes to the economy, Crenshaw believes that the US should stick to free market principles and capitalism. Furthermore, he wants to reduce taxes and make sure the United States goes back to being a pro-business nation. Here is a list of some of his economic policies.

  • The US should stick to free market principles.
  • Wants to lower the corporate tax rate.
  • Stands for pro-growth policies.
  • Wants to reduce regulatory burdens on citizens.
  • Advocate of Social Security Reform that does not increase taxes and cut senior’s benefits.
  • Supports personal retirement accounts.
  • Advocates for cutting government spending across the board.


Crenshaw is an avid constitutionalist and believes that it is the law of the land and should be treated as such. He believes that the amendments should be followed to the last drop of ink. Here are his constitutional policies.

  • Pro 2nd
    • Believes people have a right to defend themselves.
    • Supports background checks.
  • Proponent of the 10th amendment and federalism.
    • Believes that all powers not expressly granted to the federal government is reserved to the states.
  • Supports free speech and condemns the left’s bullying of conservatives on college campuses.
  • Large advocated of religious liberty.
  • Believes that the government does not have the right to make someone violate their religious beliefs for any reason.


  • Crenshaw is pro-life and believes that all lives have intrinsic value.
  • Wants to stop late term abortions.
  • Considers being pro-life as a moral position on the side of humanity.


Crenshaw has a strong background in national security, on and off the battlefield. This gives him some firsthand experience and professional insight many candidates don’t have.

  • Strong advocate for border security.
  • Supports building the wall.
  • Wants increased border technology such as drones patrolling.
  • Supports a merit-based immigration system.
  • Strongly against sanctuary cities.
  • Believes in enforcing the rule of law.


  • Encourages competition and dynamism in schools.
  • Supports school choice policies and putting children first.
  • Supports parent’s freedom to choose what school and education their child gets.
  • Wants to professionalize the teacher work force.
  • Supports Tax dollars going towards improving teachers instead of the Department. of Education.
  • Wants to lower college tuition by ending government subsidies.
  • Encourages apprenticeships programs and trade schools.


  • Supports a free market patient centered healthcare system.
  • Wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a healthcare system that puts patients first and encourages competition, buying health insurance across state lines, and expands health savings accounts.
  • Wants to give states flexibility with healthcare.
  • Supports block Medicaid grants to states so they can experiment with healthcare.
  • Wants to take on pharmaceutical companies and lower the price of drugs.
  • Calls for more transparency in research and development drug.
  • Wants FDA to access effectiveness of new drugs compared to old.
  • Calls for the expansion of telemedicine
  • Wants to fix the VA

Foreign Policy

  • The US should take an active role in leading the world.
  • Wants to take the fight to radical Islam.
  • Advocates working with the Mexican Government to take on the drug cartels.
  • Calls for reducing weapons and drug trafficking across the border.
  • Wants to take a strong stance on Russian and take active measure while working with them in areas of common interest.
  • Supports building a coalition around North Korea.
  • Wants to rebuild the military and increase military and cyber technology.

Crenshaw is a great conservative and holds many policies that conservatives and Americans should. He believes in the tenets of life, liberty, and property and that they should be protected. His adherence to the constitution of the founding ideas of the US is admirable and desirable in a politician. Furthermore, He has done this country a great service in the Navy. Any man who can endure the training of the Navy Seals and go out into the world and defend America is a hero. We at iVoteTexas endorse Daniel CrenShaw and thank him for his service.


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