John Douglas is a Senior Correspondent for and . Majoring in political science and minoring in National Security, John uses his writing to enshrine the founding ideals of the U.S. and western values. John is working to extend his skills beyond writing by becoming an orator of conservatism through videos and debate.

Shell-shocked would be a mild description of my emotions upon hearing of the resignation of Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ).

Caught in the recent seismic wave of sexual harassment allegations, Franks, one of Texas’s most conservative voices was walking away.

I had met Trent Franks at a Trump rally in Prescott Valley, Texas in 2016. He entered the media area and we exchanged cards and pleasantries. Standing by during his interview with another correspondent, I was amazed and pleased to hear his responses to questions about the Trump policies on immigration, America first and government.

When I departed that day, I entered his name on my list of conservatives to interview.

Of course, the interview never happened as Trent Franks announced he was leaving Washington, D.C. because of an accusation that he had inappropriately discussed surrogacy with a staff member.

Frankly, I’m disappointed but unable to confirm the validity of the accusations. Today, Trent has largely disappeared from sight.

It’s still my intention to talk with Trent at the right time and under circumstances where he will not be threatened. I’m not going to discuss the allegations of harassment with him, not that they are not significant. Rather. I will talk with him about his perspectives on liberty, the Constitution, abortion, national debt, immigration and the host of other topics that first attracted me to him.

Mostly, I just want to know that after the dust settles and the controversy passes will he consider another role in government or has he had enough. If he did something wrong, I think he is the kind of man who will eventually address it and for the sake of his accuser, I hope there can be healing.

I’m still a bit shell-shocked.

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