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The University of Houston student government elections are currently underway and there is a large amount of parties and candidates running. Of the candidates running, there is party that is running as outsiders and non-incumbents; the Impact Party.

The Impact Party is running on a platform of improving the University as a whole and providing students with more resources. The three main points the Impact Party are simple but effective.

  1. Student Experience

The University of Houston is located in the 3rd Ward of Houston which is a high-crime area. According to, as of the past year, the 3rd Ward has had 496 counts of theft, 170 counts of assault, 134 counts of burglary, 97 counts of vehicle theft and 93 counts of robbery. This makes the University of Houston a dangerous area and the Impact party is pledging to help students with it.

The Impact Party pledges to increase shuttle services and extend the hours in which they run, have a map of the most lit routes on campus and increase UHPD officers on campus. They also want to establish a campus pantry to help students with limited money get a snack during the day. Furthermore, the party plans on hiring a lawyer to provide free legal counseling to any students.

  1. Academic Success

Along with improving Student Experience, the Impact Party is also committed to the academic success of students. They have plans meant to help students foster their grades and give them more resources to be successful.

To do this, the Impact Party plans on establishing a 24-hour library so students can spend all the time they need studying. They also want to initiate a grade replacement system in which the lowest grade will be replaced on a student’s transcript if they retake the class. The Impact Party also wants to improve the academic advising system so the college better understands student needs and students get the advice they to help them. The next part of the platform is to establish scholarship fairs once a semester to help students out financially.

  1. Community Advancement

The last part of the platform is to foster community advancement. They want the Name Houston to be synonymous with cougars. The Impact Party wants to establish a youth mentorship program around the Greater Houston Area so they can help give potential students the resources they need to attend the university. Next, they want to establish better alumni relations so they can give back to the university and help other fellow cougars get a job. Lastly, they want to establish a SGA scholarship for local high schoolers attending their senior year in college

iVoteTexas endorses the Impact Party and supports their bid to run for student government.

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