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Where the Global Unrest Might Take Us

Where the Global Unrest Might Take Us

Even the most casual observer of the nations will acknowledge there is a heightened level of global unrest. The level of uneasiness is fueled by the dangers of COVID-19, and these dangers go beyond the pandemic itself, as more and more states tighten their grip ...
Five Things that Really Made America Great

Five Things that Really Made America Great

No President, standing alone, can lay claim to having made America great. George Washington, our first President and the undisputed Father of America, is the closest person who could remotely lay claim to having made America great. Let's tell the truth. America, as a collective ...
My Rooftop View of a Post Virus America

My Rooftop View of a Post Virus America

In a few weeks or months, we will be living in a post virus America. My rooftop view of a post virus America is coming into view. Will America be different from the one we have known? What are the shifts taking place that will ...
Our Years of Hate

Our Years of Hate

In George Orwell's novel 1984, society was afforded an approved time to hate. To be more specific, there was an allocation of two minutes each day to hate Emanuel Goldstein and his followers. Is there such a thing as limited hatred with manners? In the ...

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Ted Cruz Talks About Gun Control at CPAC

On February 22nd, Senator Ted Cruz gave a speech at CPAC in which he talked about the 2nd amendment and Democrats trying to take gun rights away from law-abiding Americans, among other things. Cruz first talked about how the Democrats want to strip away the guns of law abiding citizens. He quoted Diane Feinstein as saying “If I can say ...
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Ted Cruz Faces Criticism after Passing Senate Budget Bill

On February 8th, Senator Ted Cruz voted to pass the non-partisan budget bill. Many have been critical of this bill including Senator Rand Paul and Ben Shapiro. Here are some excerpts of the Senator's statement regarding the vote taken directly from his website. "After much consideration, I will reluctantly vote for this legislation. This bill contains major victories; if hurricane ...
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Texas Legislation

One of the objectives of iVoteTexas is to identify, track and comment on pending legislation. However, as all Texans know, our legislature is currently out of session until 2019. We invite House and Senate Members to contact iVoteTexas and to ask us about posting legislation at iVoteTexas.com, including pros and cons. As more legislation news develops, we will update this ...
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