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Our Years of Hate

In George Orwell’s novel 1984, society was afforded what I will call an approved time to hate. To be more specific there was an allocation of two minutes each day to hate…

Attacking Iran: President Trump Was Right Not To

President Trump is demonstrating strategic and thoughtful decision making while handling Iran: and liberals can’t stand it. They criticized POTUS for pulling out of the

Interview with Kyle Kashuv

John: Kyle, tell me why you’re here at the NRA convention and why the NRA is important.

Kyle: It’s honestly an amazing experience. I have never been to a gun convention before, but I am very I happy I went to one. I got to see the president and the VP speak

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Crenshaw – Interview

Crenshaw – Interview

Last week, I got the chance to interview Dan Crenshaw about his conservative values and philosophies. He is running for the 2nd district of Texas. Here is the interview.

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Texas Legislation

Texas Legislation

The Texas legislature is currently out of session until 2019. As more news come in for potential bills, this category will be updated.

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